3 Tips for Choosing Backsplashes that Make your Kitchen Look Bold

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Your kitchen backsplash gives your kitchen a beautiful design detail, protects your walls from spills and smoke stains, and can make your kitchen space look bigger. 

Your backsplash also takes up a considerable amount of budget, so it's only wise to spend more time on choosing the right backsplash and not regretting it later on! For more information, check out our guide to quartz backsplash and its pros and cons. Be sure to also read our article on the pros and cons of granite backsplash between 4-inch and full height.

There is a variety of materials, maintenance, cost, colors, and textures to consider with your kitchen backsplashes.  

You can read more on how to pick a backsplash on our site.

All the choices can be overwhelming! But we compiled a list of great option for you below as well as affordable options you can buy now. 

We have compiled a list of options you can keep in mind in order to choose a bold and vibrant backsplash for your kitchen. As well as easy peel and stick options. And if these 3 tops are not enough, then we have a more comprehensive guide about how to choose kitchen backsplash. 

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Backsplash Materials: 

Of course, the first thing you do is choose the best backsplash for your home. 

The two popular choices for vibrant colored backsplashes are mirrored backsplashes and Subway tiles, and here’s why: 

  • Mirrored Backsplash:  

Did you know that a mirrored backsplash can make your kitchen look bigger than it is? Mirrored backsplashes are popular in smaller spaces but they’re also excellent if you want a sophisticated yet bold look.

Mirrored backsplashes are popular among minimalist kitchens and you can use a colored mirror tile to get that extra pop of color. 

It is of course advisable to use more subtle colors for example aquamarine, light green etc. These colors go great with any type of kitchen, especially dark themes. 

Another great option is using smoked mirror tiles. These tiles have a special smoky finish that's added to the mirrored glass which gives your kitchen a really smokey and dark appearance, and nothing stands out quite like dark smokey textures! 

Mirrored Backsplash
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo
  • Classic Subway Tiles:

Subway tiles are the most recommended material for clients who want to add color to their walls beside they’re often found in a variety of striking colors, including high-contrast black and white combinations. 

In terms of your backsplash, subway tiles have a 75 x 150 mm dimension (on average) and are excellent for all sorts of colors. Their size makes even bold colors like red or purple blend in with a kitchen decently, and they don’t let it overpower the rest of the kitchen and the original theme.

If you don't plan on renovating your kitchen anytime soon and you want a classic timeless look, then they're a great option for you. Subway tiles have been on trend since 1904, since they were first used in the New york Subway.

Subway tiles never seem to go out of fashion!

subway tiles in kitchen
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High Impact Zones: 

Once you have decided the color and material you want for your backsplash, you must decide where the backsplash is going to be effective. Now if you choose a bold color for your backsplash but put it at a minimal focal area, it will take the attention off the rest of the kitchen. 

Nobody wants that. 

Instead, choose the high impact zones of your kitchen for your backsplash. 

Since you're already going for a bold look, make it visible and put it somewhere where it really anchors the looks of the rest of the kitchen. Choose a 2 x 3 foot area, and use that to play with colors and patterns – it won't cause much damage in case you decide to get a new backsplash later on. 

Now what are high impact zones? 

Generally speaking, these are zones of your space where there is a lot of backsplash and damage from flying foods and liquids. The sink and the stove are the main areas to worry about here.

A general rule of thumb is to choose either the area above the stove or sink to show off your bold color choice or you can choose both. Since you've already made the choice, why not go all out? This'll give your more crowded areas more visual attention. 

Another way of standing out when choosing a daring backsplash is using contrasting patterns and dimensions. Using a uniform style on your high impact zones and different yet complementary styles in other places is another way to get that sleek aesthetic for your kitchen! 

Colors and Patterns:

Nothing says bold like a vibrant and daring color. 

Colors and patterns are key elements in deciding how your kitchen will end up looking, and they matter even more when you’re incorporating them in such a strong focal point of the kitchen. 

If you love warm and beachy colors, we recommended getting tiles with ocean-esque hues. It’s even better if there’s a mix and match of two colors. Ocean colors are an excellent choice for trendy looks and the pop of color makes the backsplash stand out on its own.

They also tend to have a calm, serene feel.

If you are opting for a white theme overall, you can opt for dark colors like green or electric blue and pair it with spiral patterns to keep the look very bold. The options are endless depending on the theme you want to choose for your kitchen, but dark hues are a timeless look!  

If it's not just colors you want, then patterns will give you that extra flavor you want for your design. Instead of plain old patterns you can play with different shapes like scales for hues, which are excellent for contemporary kitchens. 

One recent trend in minimalist design is pairing two different patterns and colors, mostly white with a vibrant color, and using them adjacently. That's the peak design statement you can make with patterns. But you have to make sure that the patterns go together and your backsplash does not end up clustered. 

Backsplashes are definitely a real careful consideration since they are very much prominent in the kitchen and can make or break the look of it. Nobody wants an overly-done backsplash because a kitchen is supposed to be comforting and inviting, not overly artsy.

So before you hop on for some bold statements within the kitchen, keep in mind this elaborate explanation of what does and does not qualify as a bold backsplash!  

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colorful kitchen walls
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