5 Ways To Transform Your Boring Kitchen Cabinets Into New, Fun Ones! 

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Is your kitchen looking a little drab? Maybe your cabinets have seen better days? If your kitchen space is giving you the blues, it may be time to try some DIY and transform those boring cabinets into new, fun, vibrant designs! Read more on kitchen cabinets facelift ideas, how to fix kitchen cabinets , how to fix scratches on kitchen cabinets and free cabinets for your kitchen.

No matter your taste, budget, or experience level, there are many ways you can take boring old kitchen cabinets and make them feel fresher. From fresh paint to cool lighting, there’s something here that can spice up your kitchen.

Here are 5 ways from Kitchen Infinity to transform your boring kitchen cabinets into new, fun ones!

1. Replace old handles and fittings to freshen up the look

Cabinet door handles tend to go nasty quite quickly. It makes sense really – they’re in a dirty environment filled with steam, germs, and moisture. Metal handles often rust due to all the steam and moisture in the air of a kitchen, so they can start to make the space look decrepit.

Instead, simply unscrew the old handles and replace them with new ones that fit in the same way. Cleaning your cabinet doors and replacing the pulls & knobs with new ones is one of the simplest ways to renovate your kitchen space.

2. Reface your cabinets entirely so they look brand new

If you’ve never heard of it, kitchen cabinet refacing is when you keep your existing cabinet framework (the shelves etc.) but just replace the cabinet doors that everyone can see. If your cabinet frames are in good condition, then this is a cheap way to make the cabinets look new by only replacing the front-facing doors that people see.

Depending on the new cabinet doors you install, you might need to paint the cabinet frames to match (so it doesn’t look strange) but that’s a relatively easy job if you’re good with a paintbrush!

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3. Install LED underlighting for a cool and convenient glow

More and more modern kitchens are coming with LED underlighting placed underneath the wall cabinets. This is a great way to add mystique and modern charm to your kitchen without spending a lot of money. LED light strips are pretty cheap these days and you can even get ones where you control their color with a remote control.

If your wall cabinets are above your kitchen counter space (which they probably are) then the LED underlighting can also help make it easier to see things when you're preparing food on the countertop below.

led underneath kitchen floor
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

4. Paint them a new and exciting color

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is a cheap way to make the space feel new without investing in a ton of new wood. If your cabinet doors are in decent condition, you should be able to unhinge them, sand them down a little, repaint them, and reattach them to the frames.

Some people also change (or paint) the cabinet door handles too while changing cabinet color.

Different types of kitchen cabinets require different paints and techniques – laminate cabinets are very different from hardwood cabinets, for example. However, if you find the right tools, paint, and technique, repainting your kitchen cabinet doors could bring a whole new vibrant feel to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

newly painted kitchen
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

5. Try installing pull-out shelves in your base cabinets

If you’re pretty good at DIY, maybe you should go the whole nine yards and try installing pull-out shelves in your base cabinets. These are a common sight in both modern and traditional kitchens, making it easy to sort through plates, utensils, spices, and many other things.

Of course, you need to be a skilled craftsperson to pull off a job like this, but it could make a really fun little DIY project if you’ve got some time to kill. It could also add some additional value to your property when it comes time to resell!


Whether you repaint your cabinet doors or install some LED underlighting, I hope you find the best way to transform your kitchen cabinets into something new and exciting that works for you. Good luck!


Dino Paccino

Dino Paccino

Dino is a lifelong writer and home improvement specialist. He enjoys bringing cutting-edge information on home renovation and remodeling to Kitchen Infinity.

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