Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen


Lighting in a kitchen is one of the most critical design elements. It not only brings a sense of openness and beauty, but it is also a safety concern. When you are working with sharp knives and a hot stove, you must be able to see clearly. Poor lighting, especially near countertops, can be dangerous.

At Kitchen Infinity, we work with you to be sure your design has sufficient light for your needs. The right type of lights can show off your wall color and decor to the best effect. And lights should work with your style to create a cohesive look surrounding your kitchen cabinets

Under-Cabinet Lights

One fun way to add a different sort of light is to consider lights under the cabinet. Cabinet lights can bring much-needed illumination to your work areas. And these lights also ensure that you can see what you’re doing as you chop and measure and mix.

Cabinet lights also can add to the overall aesthetic of your space. Our friendly design team will help you select the right lights for your style. Each type and color of light will create a different look. Whether you are going for modern or traditional or contemporary, the designers can guide you in your selection. And cabinet lights can go in any room of your home. They aren’t only for the kitchen.

How Do Cabinet Lights Work?

As the name indicates, under-cabinet lights attach underneath your cupboards. You may need a single light bulb, or you might prefer a strip of lights. Each space has different requirements.

The ideal time to install this type of light is during new construction or a remodel. But any time you decide you’d like to have these fixtures, our team can come back and install them for you.

These versatile products come in different voltages, depending on your space and access to a power source. Low voltage lights is popular because you can fit several lights in a small space. This type of bulb also emits less heat, keeping your workspace cooler.

Under-cabinet lights can have one of two power sources. Some hardwire into a power source, and our electricians handle that for you. Other cabinet lights simply plug into an outlet. Installing these might be the most straightforward home improvement project ever. And because they don’t require an electrician, these have an affordable price tag, too.

Dimmer Lights

If you are planning for new under-cabinet lights in your home, we strongly recommend that you choose dimmable options. The ability to adjust the brightness of your lighting is terrific in a kitchen. Each person in the home probably has a different preference. They can make the under-cabinet lights brighter or dimmer, as needed.

The design team will also help you choose lenses for your lighting. Bare bulbs can be quite glaring, which is not the look you are trying to achieve. But with the right covers, you can give your eyes a break and let your decor and color shine through without annoying shadows.

Energy Efficiency

Just as with any other lighting, your new under-cabinet lights have options that are energy efficient. If you select LED lights, you may see savings on your electric bill. LED options also put out less heat than other bulb choices, making them a great fixture anywhere in your home.

Perfect Results Every Time

Our professional crew at Kitchen Infinity is on your side. We are experts at making a perfect space for you to cook, create, and entertain. You will love the results when we finish with your under-cabinet lights.

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