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Under Cabinet Toaster Oven: Buyers Guide + The Best 8 Products in 2021

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Countertop toaster ovens tend to take up too much valuable space in the kitchen. Plus it can make the kitchen counter look a bit disorganized.

The coolest solution to saving your kitchen and counter space is getting an under cabinet toaster oven.

Regardless of your family size and cooking needs, we’ve highlighted the best under counter toaster ovens in 2021.

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The 8 Best Under Cabinet Toaster Ovens

Here’s a little caveat before we take a deep dive into exploring the best under counter toaster ovens.

These products can produce a lot of heat. So it’s advisable you leave a vertical and horizontal space of at least 4 inches before installing an under cabinet toaster oven.

1. Ninja SP101 Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Air Fry Convection Oven


The Foodi Ninja SP101 convection toaster oven is one of a kind.

First, the compact build of this oven frees up space on your countertop by taking up 50% less space than most other ovens.

Secondly, this 1800-watt under cabinet toaster oven uses Digital Crisp Control Technology to control the temperature and convection fan speed to achieve optimum cooking results. The airflow and heat source within the cavity are also controlled so foods are cooked and crisped evenly.

With this appliance, you can easily apply the toast settings time, temperature, and function. The Foodi Ninja features an impressive 8 distinctive functions;

  • Air fry makes your fried items 75% less fatty without deep frying.
  • Air roast cooks your meal 60% faster than regular ovens.
  • Toast and Bagel which allows you to choose how brown you want your meal to be.
  • Dehydrate and Keep Warm function keeps your food warm and fresh.
  • And then you’ve got the Bake and Air Broil functions.

But that’s not all.

This kitchen gadget has got a removable crumb tray that makes it easy to clean. And the back panel can also be removed for easier and deeper cleaning. All the accessories that come with this countertop equipment can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The accessories that come with the Foodi Ninja convection oven include a removable tray, an air fryer basket, a 13 x 13” non-stick sheet pan, and a chrome-plated cooking wire rack. The wire rack allows for the flow of air and quick cooling.

Added to all the cool features, here are a few pros and cons.


2. Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ


This toaster oven isn’t called “Smart” because the makers felt like hyping their product.

This under cabinet toaster oven automatically regulates the temperature depending on what you’re cooking. How smart is that?!

Furthermore, the smart IQ element evenly transfers heat across the 4 quartz elements so your snack toasts and browns evenly.

And with its 8 pre-programmed functions, you can use it to cook just about any snack. These smart functions are easy to operate and also suggest to you the optimal time and temperature for cooking. Plus this 1800-watt kitchen appliance heats up real quick so you’re not left hungry for long.

This cooking equipment has also got a pull-out crumb tray and the interior is designed with a non-sticky cavity coating: both of which make the oven easy to clean. And the removable toasting rack can be adjusted to three different positions to fit the size of your meal.

There are more outstanding features of the Breville BOV450XL toaster oven.

The smart features outlined here make it one of the best under cabinet toaster ovens to have in your kitchen.


3. Oster Digital Convection Toaster Oven


On Amazon, this is the most reviewed toaster, and there are a couple of reasons for that.

First, this compact oven looks sleek and has a stylish design like that of a microwave. But it’s got a capacity of 6 toast slices or a 12-inch pizza. This makes it perfect for an under cabinet toaster oven.

This equipment comes with 7 preset settings that will allow you cook most foods conveniently. More so, the crumb tray makes it easy to clean. The rack is also dishwasher safe.

And this gadget is easy to use as it features a button and digital screen that indicates the time, setting, and temperature of the cooking.

This moderately-priced model also has an interior light to enable you to see what you’re cooking. And finally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


4. Calphalon Performance Cool Touch Countertop Toaster Oven


The Calphalon cool touch toaster oven has got some awesome features that make it rank among the best under cabinet toaster ovens.

First, this 1400-watt oven heats food with more power and delivers fantastic toasting results by increasing the amount of hot air circulating the cavity.

Second, it uses an innovative quartz heating technology to equally distribute heat within the oven and preheat and cook your dish evenly. It’s also got 12 built-in functions for convenient cooking.

And despite the interior heat, the handle and surface of the cool-touch exterior stays relatively cool; 75% cooler than the previous models. And you can select your desired cooking temperature, time, and function with a touch-screen button. Fantastic!

There are other amazing features of the Calphalon Cool Touch under counter toaster oven.

The cool touch makes it a piece of fantastic cooking equipment to have under your kitchen counter.


5. Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven


This is a budget-friendly toaster model with great qualities like the Breville.

First, it’s easy to use and has got the perfect size to feed a standard family. Secondly, it comes with 15 preset functions that aren’t complex. Instead, it will allow you to cook just about anything you’ll love to cook.

The Cuisinart Chef’s oven also has a removable tray that makes cleaning the equipment a breeze. The interior light and transparent door make it possible for you to see the progress of what is cooking.

Plus there’s an LED screen that displays the function, time, and temperature of the cooking. And with the push of one button, you can activate the settings necessary to cook your dish.

And it also comes with some accessories to help you in your cooking. Finally, it is moderately priced.


6. De’Longhi Livenza Air Fry Digital Convection Oven


One special feature of this 1800-watt counter toaster oven is the innovative power convection technology it uses to distribute hot air around the cavity to cook food.

The convection fan and cooking elements cook and brown food equally from inside out making it crispy and free of fats. The under cabinet toaster also saves time by preheating up to 60% faster than regular ovens.

The internal cavity of this De’Longhi Livenza is scratch-resistant and easy to clean because of its non-sticky coating. It’s also got a heat lock system that keeps heat locked in the toaster oven.


7. BLACK + DECKER Spacemaker Under Cabinet Toaster Oven TROS1000D


When it comes to under counter toaster ovens, the BLACK and DECKER is indeed in a league of its own.

First, its compact design makes it very versatile. It can be an aesthetic and functional fixture on your countertop.

But as its name implies, it was built to easily fit under the kitchen cabinet (regardless of how small the counter is), RV, and offices that are tight on space.

Operating the BLACK + DECKER Spacemaker Under Cabinet Toaster Oven is a breeze because of its digital controls.

At the push of a button on the control panel, you can bake your homemade bread, pizza, cookies, and other snacks. Not forgetting that this gadget has also got Toast and Keep Warm functions to make your toasts and defrost or keep your food warm.

Even though this appliance is compact, it can still feed a small family as 4 slices of bread or a 9” pizza can comfortably fit right in. And the glass door allows you to monitor your cooking.

Other cool features of the BLACK + DECKER Spacemaker include a 30-minute timer for timed cooking, temperature ranging from 200 – 400 Fahrenheit for fast cooking, LED display to show the time and temperature, plus toast settings that range from 1-7.

Another impressive feature of this equipment is that it’s super easy to clean. It’s got a drop-down crumb tray that collects breadcrumbs and makes cleaning easier. You can also clean the body of the under cabinet toaster oven with a damp cloth.

And finally, with its innovative EvenToast technology, this toaster oven bakes and browns your toast and pizza evenly.

These exclusive features and more make the BLACK + DECKER TROS1000D the best under cabinet toaster oven.

However, there’s a downside to this gadget: It is a mountable under cabinet toaster oven which makes its installation quite tricky and probably difficult (depending on the setup of your kitchen cabinet).

But once installed, you’ve got an amazing product sitting in your kitchen.


8. BLACK + DECKER TO1313SBD Toaster oven


At 1150 watts and with the EvenToast technology, this toaster oven achieves fast results and evenly bakes and browns your toast.

This Black and Decker model has 4 models – toasting, baking, broiling, and warming – that can be switched from one to another during the cooking process at the push of the dial knob. And you can also choose the browning level you desire.

The Black + Decker TO1313SBD is also easy to clean and comes with a removable crumb tray that can be wiped with a damp cloth. The interior cavity is curved to accommodate 4 slices of toast and a 9-inch pizza.

It comes with a baking sheet, broiler pan, and a tray. And finally, this option is a very affordable model for people looking for a cheap but great quality brand.


Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Under Counter Toaster Oven

Under cabinet toaster oven size

Before getting an under counter toaster oven, first, consider the quantity of food you usually cook and how many mouths you cook for.

If you’re cooking for yourself or a family of 4 people or less, a regular toaster oven will suffice. But if you’re feeding a family of 5 or more people, you should go for a wider toaster oven.

Secondly, a larger oven will take up more kitchen space. So if you have a small kitchen then adding an under cabinet toaster might not be your best option. So first measure the space provided under the cabinet before getting your oven.


The more features and functions your kitchen cabinet toaster oven has, the merrier.

However, if you’re basically going to use the oven to heat up leftovers or toast bread, you may not need a lot of preset functions.

But if you cook all sorts of meals (and a lot), an oven with more functions will make your life easier.

Ease of use and maintenance

You should also consider how easy it is to use the kitchen gadget.

Models with buttons for built-in functions are more user-friendly and make using the product more fun. And some others are more convenient by allowing you to control the cooking time and temperature.

You should also know how easy it is to clean. Are there edges that will be difficult to reach? Can it be easily cleaned with a damp cloth?

Energy consumption

Generally, all electrical appliances consume energy. But some run up the bill more than others.

Larger toaster ovens use up more energy and may not be the right choice if you’ve got a small family. While smaller counter toaster ovens are more energy-efficient but won’t be able to feed a large family size.

So choose wisely.


And lastly but probably, the most important is how your needs fit your budget.

For example, an expensive one will probably serve you better. But will you use it often? If not, a cheaper option might be a better choice. All of these things you’ll have to decide while planning your kitchen remodel or while buying your kitchen appliances if you’re not going for a full remodel.

Cool touch exterior

When your gadget heats up your kitchen space too much, it becomes a menace. And you don’t want that.

While it may be difficult to find one with a cool-touch exterior, there are a few insulated products like the Calphalon toaster with thick exteriors. They can keep a great amount of heat in. So also consider how much of a disturbance the external heat production will be for you.


If you love your kitchen looking neat and spacious, the under counter toaster oven will be a great choice for you.

And with the fantastic features of those highlighted in this article, you’ll be able to cook those side dishes conveniently, save time, space, and electricity.

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