How to Use Zevo Bug Spray to Kill Bugs

Zevo is one of the most popular and well-reputed insect repellent companies in the USA. Their products are famous for being reliable, safe, and eco-friendly. The Zevo pest control spray repels home-invading pests without poisonous chemicals, thus making it safe for eliminating cockroaches from kitchen cabinets. Here’s how to use Zevo bug spray on invading pests like ants, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, gnats, mites, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, and stink bugs.

Zevo Bug Spray
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Steps to Use Zevo Bug Spray to Eliminate Bugs

If you want to how to get rid of tiny black bugs like drain flies or stink bugs, below are the steps for using Zevo pest control spray on them:

  1. For homeowners sensitive to fragrances, spray a small amount of the Zevo bug spray in a test area before moving on to a larger area.
  2. If you are comfortable with using the Zevo bug spray, identify your target area.
  3. You can either target an area with bugs visibility present or target their nest or home base.
  4. Ensure that the space is well-ventilated before spraying your mattress, kitchen, crevices, garage, or outdoor lawn.
  5. Spray your target area with Zevo bug spray. It’s advised to wear a protective mask before spraying so you do not inhale any chemicals. 
  6. Your target area should be damp but not soaking.
  7. Repeat the steps if insects reappear or if you did not eliminate them. 


This Zevo pest control product effectively protects the indoors and outdoors of your home the natural way. Formulated by professional exterminators, Zevo is as useful as other artificial sprays with pesticides commonly found among their ingredients but does not harm you, your children, or your pets. 

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How to Store Zevo Bug Spray in Your Home or Garage

Your Zevo pest control spray should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated, dry, and well-lit area. Not only should your Zevo product be protected from extremely high or low temperatures, but it should be stored away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

Final Thoughts on Using Zevo Insecticide 

Like other products offered by Zevo, the bug spray is easy to use in and outside of your house. You can use it to remove common insects in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, and bedroom. With its non-toxic ingredients, your pets, children, and homes can be immediately protected from pesky or harmful pets!

Zevo Bug Spray
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FAQs on Zevo Bug Spray for House

Can I use the Zevo bug spray anywhere?

Yes, the Zevo bug spray can be used for your closets, bathrooms, garage, and other pest-prone areas inside and outside of your home. Keep away from your skin, hands, face, eyes, or mouth. 

How do I safely use Zevo bug spray?

Do not use this product on people, animals, or electronics or ingest the bug spray. If the bug spray comes into immediate contact with the skin, wash the area thoroughly with water.

Is Eco Defense a better insecticide brand than Zevo? 

Both Eco Defense and Zevo are known to be top insecticide companies in the USA. However, in our personal experience, we have found that Zevo bug sprays are more effective than Eco Defense. 

How are Zevo products safe for children and pets?

Zevo ensures that you have a natural non-toxic alternative to your typical pest control spray. Zevo repels home-invading pests without dangerous poisons and harmful fumes by using essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients which do not negatively affect children or pets when they enter the area. 


Want to know how to use a bug spray other than Zevo? Be sure to look through our brand chart below including instructions for using bug sprays from about 20 brands.

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