Water Bugs in Pool and How to Get Rid of Them?

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While having a swimming pool in the backyard is a great way to get your cardio in or cool off in the summer, this can also draw in intruders. Water bugs in pool? They could be cockroaches, backswimmers, or mosquitos. We'll look at water bugs in-depth and how to deal with them

Identifying the Bugs

When looking for water bugs in pool of water, you may notice certain physical characteristics like markings or their size that can help you identify the bugs. The most common water bugs you'll find include:

  • Backswimmer: backswimmers are oval-shaped bugs known for their oarlike legs and slender body. These bugs can feed on small fish and other insects.
  • Cockroach: these water bugs in your house or pool are usually black or brown. Roaches are known to be around water sources and spread diseases.
  • Mosquito: more specifically mosquito larvae, these worm-like insects are common in stagnant water like pools and birdbaths.

You can consult an entomologist or pest control professional to help you identify exactly what bugs you're dealing with.

black water bugs on pool

Prevention and Elimination

There are natural and chemical products that you can use to eliminate water bugs in pool. You can also take note of out prevention practices so that you don't have to deal with these insects in the first place!

Prevention Methods

You can prevent water bugs in pool from being a problem by:

  • Preventing moisture buildup: you can maintain low moisture levels in and around your home by using a dehumidifier, fixing leaks, consulting a plumbing technician, making sure your house has proper drainage and getting rid of standing or still water.
  • Eliminating breeding areas: to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs, and remove stagnant water sources. Turn over wheelbarrows and other containers, empty birdbaths, and clean out your pool or spa often.
  • Control algae development: algae can attract bugs and water bugs in pool can help algae grow. Control algae development by using algaecides, maintaining a stable pH level, cleaning, and brushing your pool's walls and floor.
  • Check the skimmer basket: pay special attention to your skimmer basket because it can become a feeding and breeding ground. Give it a good cleaning if it's accumulating debris, trash, leaves, and insects.
  • Maintaining your home: check that the screens on your windows and doors are in good condition.
  • Body protection: protect yourself from insects when working out in the garden, near the pool, or other water sources. Use bug spray, wear long sleeves, slacks, and close-toed shoes.

Water Bug Elimination

The best way to eliminate water bugs in pool is by using chemical or natural remedies. You can also combine methods or contact a professional pest control specialist.

Chemical Methods

You can use the following techniques and products that involve chemicals to get rid of insects in the pool:

  • Algal control: You can apply an algaecide or a chlorine shock treatment to get rid of algae growth in your pool.
  • Pesticides: use a pesticide made especially for the kind of bug you are dealing with but always heed the warnings on the label and observe the recommended safety precautions.
  • Extermination by a professional: if the infestation is severe, you can invest in professional pest control services that can use chemicals to get rid of water bugs.

Natural and Organic Solutions

There are ways to deal with water bugs in pool that are non-toxic:

  • Mineral solutions: instead of using harsh chemicals, consider using things like mineral cleansers or enzymes to reduce mosquitoes and bugs in your pool by controlling algae growth and keeping the water clean.
  • White vinegar and water: one of the incredible uses for white vinegar includes being a bug repellent. You can mix equal parts of water and white vinegar to spray it on the bugs or areas where you've seen them (e.g., pools, sinks, drains.)
  • Essential oils: citronella, lemongrass, or peppermint naturally repel insects.
  • Plant certain flowers: you can also grow mosquito-repelling flowers in your garden, like marigolds, lemon balm, or catnip.
  • Natural pesticides: you can use neem oil or insecticidal soap to eradicate insects in the pool.

If you're going to use a chemical or non-toxic product, do your research or reach out to a pest control specalist for guidance.

tiny water bugs floating into pool

Bottom Line: Dealing with Water Bugs in Pools

Creatures like backswimmers, cockroaches, and mosquitoes can feed on microorganisms in your pool and simply thrive in standing water. Not only are these annoying pests in the garden pond or birdbath, but they can be a pain to get rid of and become tiny bugs in the house.

We recommend taking note of the size, color, and habits of these bugs so that you know what insect is in the area. Then, you can get rid of these insects and their eggs by keeping your pool clean, wearing protective clothing, using bug spray, an algaecide, essential oils, repellent flowers, or natural pesticides. You can learn what methods or products work best for a certain type of creature by reaching out to an expert pest control specialist or investing in the services they offer to deal with water bugs in pool.

Water Bugs in Pool FAQs

What do the water bugs in a pool do?

Water bugs in pool can irritate swimmers by being in the water or flying around the area, eat little fish and other organisms in bodies or water, and cause algae to bloom.

How can I tell if my pool has water bugs?

If you're worried about water bugs in pool, you can check for adult bugs in the water with a filter or look for eggs in birdbaths or other standing water sources.

What physical features do water bugs have?

Water bugs differ in size and color but backswimmers are oval, slender, and smaller than cockroaches. Roaches are black or brown, have antennae, and can also be found in the kitchen, bathroom, or attic. Then there are mosquitos which are thin, flying insects that lay tiny, white eggs in water.

How do I keep water bugs out of my pool and house?

The best way to keep different insect species out of your pool is by using an algaecide, essential oils, repellent plants, mineral solutions, cleaning out debris and trash from your pool, or consulting an expert exterminator. You can also maintain a stable pH level, scrub your pool clean, pump out dirty water and replace it regularly, use chlorine shock treatment, keep the skimmer basket clean, or use a mineral cleaner or enzyme.

How can I stop mosquitoes from building their nests in my yard?

The best way to keep mosquitos away from the yard is by getting rid of their usual feeding and breeding environments. Reduce the risk of getting bitten by a mosquito or the diseases they carry by planting a naturally repellent flower or removing all still or standing water sources outside.

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