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Lap pools are a great way to get in some exercise and relaxation. They're smaller than an Olympic-sized pool, so you can swim more laps without feeling exhausted. Plus, lap pools come with all sorts of other benefits: they're cheaper than most other types of pools; they don't need much upkeep and maintenance, and the water is heated for year-round use. A lap pool may be just what you've been looking for.

In this article, we'll help you learn more about lap pools and how you can benefit from them. Plus, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get one for yourself. Keep reading to find out more.

Is a Lap Pool the Right Choice For You?
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What defines a lap pool

A lap pool is a small, rectangular pool that is shorter than an Olympic-sized swimming pool. They are usually around 25 yards in length, but this can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some lap pools are only 12 feet long. These shallow pools are perfect for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

As you might have guessed, lap pools are made to be used specifically for swimming laps. That's why they are not too deep – more than 6ft is considered very deep, and even then most lap pool depths range from 3ft to 5ft across their entire surface area. Most of these pools don't exceed 7ft of depth at any location.

The cost of a lap pool

Lap pools are much cheaper than other kinds of swimming pools. This is because they don't require too many special features and materials. They don't need as much flow or filtration as other kinds of pools, so there's just less that goes into making them. For that reason, if money is an issue for you when looking to buy a pool, then a lap pool could be the right choice.

The price range for these pools can vary greatly depending on where you live and who built them. There are cheap lap pool models out there which run only around $2000 or less – but this might not include installation or equipment costs. At the high end of the scale, some companies charge over $20,000 for their lap pools – and this isn't even including installation.

For the most part, however, lap pools generally cost around $10,000. Some smaller models may be less than that while larger ones might go up in price significantly. These costs also depend on where the pool will be built. 

In-ground vs. above-ground lap pools – which one is best?

To answer this question, you must decide how you're going to design your backyard. What we mean is, you need to know if you'll be putting in a deck or patio around the pool. If you will be, then an above-ground lap pool may be your best bet.

But how is this different from an in-ground lap pool?

Well, an above-ground model means that the entire pool is built on top of its deck/patio. The upper edges of the pool go up high enough where it meets with the rest of your yard. Some models have a thin lip that goes over the edge and looks just like a regular in-ground pool. These are usually made out of fiberglass and vinyl which allows them to blend in almost seamlessly with your lawn. Also, since they don't have to dig too far into the ground, they are lighter and easier to install.

In-ground lap pools, on the other hand, take a lot more time and money to build because they have to dig deep into the earth. These pools come with a much better filtration system because their water has to pass through layers of ground before returning into the pool itself. That makes in-ground lap pools last longer but it also means that you'll be spending more money on installation.

In-ground vs. above-ground lap pools
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Where should I put my lap pool?

Decide where you want your new lap pool by considering how easy it will be for you to use it. Also, think about what kinds of activities will be taking place around or in your pool – will it get pretty rowdy with kids playing around or will you also need somewhere for your grill area? If so, work these considerations into the placement of your pool.

To maximize how much sun exposure you can get, place your lap pool near a deck or patio with full southern exposure. This way, even during wintertime, the water in your pool won't be too cold to swim in. And if you put it close enough to where you'll be sitting and relaxing at then that's even better – you don't want to have to walk too far just to cool off after doing laps.

You might also decide to build your sauna next to a lap pool – in this case, go for the same orientation as you did for your pool. If you want to be able to see your lap pool from your sauna then it should also have southern exposure. This will allow an easy transition between them both so that you don't have to travel far when moving from one place to another.

Do I need a pump in my lap pool?

Yes, if you are using your lap pool purely for recreational purposes, even if only once in a while. You'll need to have some kind of filtration system to maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of the water inside – this is important because people swim in it. The best bet for this would be to get an above-ground model with a built-in pump since they're the simplest to install and maintain.

But if you will be using your pool regularly and want it to last a long time then you should get an in-ground lap pool – these come with their filtration system which is far more reliable than whatever pump you may use for other models. You do need to take care of both though, make sure that your pump is always working properly otherwise dirt might accumulate on the surface. In this case, it's best to have a backup system in place just in case something goes wrong.

What Is A Lap Pool – FAQ

What type of person uses a lap pool?

Since the water in a lap pool is kept still it can be easily heated to improve comfort during your workout. This is very useful if you want to swim year-round. However, lap pools can be reheated and used for outdoor workouts in the warmer months. They are most commonly used by competitive swimmers (or anyone wanting a high-intensity workout).

How much does a lap pool cost?

The price of a lap pool will vary greatly depending on the style, size, shape, and features that you would like included. In-ground lap pools typically start around $40k but can go up to well over $100k for an Olympic-sized pool with all the bells and whistles. Most individuals looking to install their lap pool should budget anywhere from $15,000-$30,000 after installation costs have been factored in.

Lap Pools | Lap Pool Price
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What is the maintenance required for a lap pool?

Lap pools require very little maintenance if they are properly built and cared for according to the manufacturer's specifications. However, the chemicals needed to keep the pool sanitized must be regularly added to the water. During the summer months, be prepared for an increase in maintenance as there is typically a higher demand for swimming pools at this time of year (this also means that you should drain your pool if it will not be used for over 30 days).

Final thoughts on what a lap pool is 

In conclusion, a lap pool is a type of swimming pool that is often used as part of an exercise regime. The name ‘lap' comes from the fact that they are designed to be swum through in straight lines, typically up and down the length of the pool – hence ‘lap'.

Before going ahead and installing a lap pool in your home, be sure to consider the above tips to make the right choice for your specific needs.

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