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White shaker style cabinets are a classic staple that fit into so many different kitchen styles, whether you’re looking for something modern, vintage, or transitional. Due to their simple yet elegant style, these cabinets have sustained themselves as a piece of kitchen decor for decades despite their 18th century roots.

Now that’s impressive.

Most traditional-style cabinets would have aged terribly and appear dated by the 21st century, but the white shaker cabinet marches on. Here we take a look at white shaker cabinets and their history, as well as answering your FAQs about these timeless kitchen cabinet door panels. 

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white shaker cabinets
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What are white shaker cabinets?

White shaker cabinets are a traditional cabinet door design that features a simple recessed center panel. The cabinets have a five-piece door design and are known for their square edges, straight lines, and simplicity.

Some shaker cabinets may have detailing around their edges in the form of wooden carvings, but this is a modern twist on the style. Pure shaker cabinets prioritize simplicity above all else, helping to keep the kitchen clean, simple, and practical.

So why white?

Although shaker-style cabinets can come in various colors, including wooden tones and pastels in more modern versions, white paint is the classic staple. White shaker cabinets have a unique quality because you can place them in vintage, country cottage, and modern kitchen designs without them looking out of place.

The brightness of their white paint (which is usually in a pearl or flat matte finish) also helps to lighten up a room and make a space feel bigger than it actually is by reflecting light around the kitchen. If you want to make a kitchen feel less cramped, white shaker cabinets are a great idea.


White shaker cabinets with glass doors

In both modern and classic kitchen styles, you may also see white shaker cabinets with glass doors. These glass door-fronted cabinets are almost always on the wall, helping to make the kitchen look and feel bigger.

These cabinets feature a transparent or frosted glass window where the recessed panel would normally be. Sometimes white shaker cabinets with glass doors will be used for decorative purposes, helping to display ornate details of your kitchen or perhaps show off some special crockery that you rarely use.

It can look very elegant!

Other times, this style of cabinetry may be used to make it easier for you to find the correct kitchenware and utensils in your cupboards without needing to open them individually and look for things. However you incorporate white shaker cabinets with glass doors into your kitchen, you must keep their internal shelves clean and tidy or it will ruin the look.


White Shaker Cabinet Doors with Glass


Are white shaker cabinets in style?

White shaker cabinets are definitely in style. This timeless cabinet style has been trendy for decades as it fits into multiple types of kitchen design, including traditional, modern, and transitional kitchens. You’ll usually find shaker cabinets in white or light gray, and sometimes they will also come with glass-fronted doors.

Their popularity never ends!

White shaker cabinets are usually paired with light gray granite countertops and stainless steel handles to complete the aesthetic. Usually, this cabinet style will be found in a modern kitchen with a very light color scheme as they’re very good at making the room feel large, bright, and open.

white shaker cabinet
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How much are white shaker cabinets?

For a 10 x 10 kitchen, white shaker cabinets cost $2,706 on average. This makes them one of the cheapest kitchen cabinet options on the market. For comparison, raised panel cabinets cost $3,392 on average for a kitchen of the same size. To learn more about the differences between shaker cabinets vs raised panel read here.

White shaker cabinets are undoubtedly one of the cheapest options for your kitchen cabinetry. They’re also very cost-effective because the timeless appeal of this cabinet door style appeals to many different home buyers, helping to keep your property’s resale value high.


Why are Shaker cabinets so popular?

Shaker cabinets are popular because they blend into various modern and traditional kitchen design styles. Throughout the decades, the simplicity of shaker cabinets has allowed them to stay at the forefront of kitchen interior design. Shaker cabinets are also cheap to make, readily available, and great for your home’s resale value.

It’s a no-brainer.

Shaker cabinets are also very tough and durable, helping them to last for decades with the proper care and maintenance. Due to their simple recessed panel design, these cabinets can also be cleaned and repaired very easily, so they’re a relatively low-maintenance option too.


Why are they called Shaker cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are named after the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, more commonly known as the Shakers. This group immigrated to America from Northwest England in the late 1700s, bringing their simple and practical kitchen designs with them.

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