Why Do Cats Follow You Into the Bathroom: 10 Reasons

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why do cats follow you into the bathroom

Cat breeds that spend time, most of their time, indoors can't seem to stand closed doors and you may have noticed that other cats don't follow their owners into the bathroom. So why does yours seem to hop into the room whenever there's a closed bathroom door?

So, why do cats follow you into the bathroom?

cat follows

Well, there are a few plausible reasons why many cats follow their owners after the bathroom door has been closed including:

The Bathroom Door is Closed and That's Interesting

A closed bathroom door is a curious thing from a cat's point of view. Does your cat follow you? The closed door is a mysterious thing and they're just curious about what you're doing on the other door. Cat behaviorists think that cats enjoy knowing about what's going on everywhere and that includes the bathroom.

All Cat Breeds Love Routine

As a cat owner, you probably know that your cat loves routines, and visiting you behind that closed bathroom door could be part of theirs.

Surprise, Surprise, Your Cat Loves You

Cat follow you everywhere like the house is their own territory and theirs alone? Your cat could just really really want to spend time with you. Yes, even as you're brushing your teeth over the bathroom sink. A cat's territory has no boundaries.

Toilet Paper Rolls Are Toys

The bathroom behind that closed door could be another play area for your cat. Think about it you have a bathroom rug and toilet paper rolls that go on and on and on, or so your cat thinks.

It's Basically Your Cat's Litter Box

Aside from their actual litter box, most cats may have claimed the bathroom as a litter box extension.

Most Cats Get Feel Vulnerable Sometimes

Being on the other side of a closed door can make your cat feel lonely and insecure. Many cats can actually feel separation anxiety and if your cat follows you into that small room, they may feel the need for your undivided attention.

The Bathroom Sink Is Comfy

Unlike humans, your cats can see your sinks as cat beds. If you have a spacious sink, your cat likes to lounge around in it while you're getting some alone time.

Cats Love The Smell of the Bathroom

If you love the air freshener in your bathroom, it makes sense that your cat may like it too. That closed bathroom door could be getting in the way of your cat's aromatherapy session.

The Bathroom Can Be the Warmest Spot in the House

Cats follow their owners everywhere and maybe some time along the way, yours figured out that the bathroom is really warm after a hot shower.

Many Cats Want Attention

Just like cat litter can attract predators, your cat wants you. A closed bathroom door can be the worst thing for a cat that wants your love and attention. Many cats just want to spend time with you no matter what you're up to.


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