Why do I need a double-oven range?

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A double-oven range is a great option for families with two working parents

You can cook more food at once, saving you time and money.

It's also perfect for cooking large meals for the whole family or hosting dinner parties.

In this article, we will briefly look at the advantages of owning a double oven range and how to get the best out of it. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do I Need a Double-Oven Range?
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A double oven range is a great option for families with two working parents

If both parents work, then a good double oven range is a great option because you can cook more food at once without losing the heat of your oven.

This saves time and money as well as allowing your family to eat hot delicious meals straight away when everyone gets home from school or work.

You will probably also want to spend less time cooking every day, which means a double-oven range can provide space and flexibility – all things that will save yourself time as well as energy.

It's perfect for cooking large meals for the whole family or hosting dinner parties

A double-oven range is also a great fit if you like cooking big meals that feed everyone all at once. For example, many people enjoy roasting turkey and ham to share with their loved ones on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter or when they have visitors over for dinner.

Roast dinners are more fun when you can cook everything in one place and make sure that it's done well without having to constantly monitor your stove eye, adjust the oven temperature and turn your food halfway through cooking, which is in part why some cooks invest in a little helper like a double-oven range.

If you choose a double-oven model, then one of the ovens can be used for cooking meat while you bake pies or casseroles in the other one, making it easier to avoid overcooking your food and ensuring that each dish comes out perfectly.

The second oven is also good for baking pies, cakes, cookies, and other desserts – so don’t think you’re only limited to traditional oven-cooked food.

Because of its large size, you can fit in extra pans and dishes and take advantage of the space to cook more food at once.  Having extra oven space is also great if your family enjoys cooking sweet treats together so that everyone gets their creation to take home.  

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What are some advantages and disadvantages of owning a double-oven range?

Having two ovens gives you lots more flexibility when cooking with an electric stove. An additional top grill element helps get the moisture out of food so that it cooks faster.

Space in the oven is easy to heat up quickly and can be used to defrost frozen items without overcooking them. On the flip side, larger, heavier ovens are more difficult to install, take  longer to cool down once you turn them off and extra features like a warming drawer or steam clean function can make your oven less energy efficient (if not, here’s an article to read about how to clean a greasy range hood).

How much do double-oven ranges cost?

Double oven ranges come in many different price points depending on how powerful the elements are, how big they are, what kind of materials they're made from, and other factors like whether there's a grill element or not. 

Another main consideration is whether you want a regular gas stove oven with two independent ovens that can each be controlled separately or if you want to have a single-oven range with a double baking compartment for even more flexibility.

The prices and features of different models vary widely, so it's helpful to look around at other stores and online to find out which ones are best suited for your needs.

I have a large family and would like to cook all at once. Can a double-oven range do that for me?

If you have a large family and want to cook multiple dishes at the same time, then getting an understanding of what the best electric range is can be very beneficial. For example, one side of the oven can be used to bake casseroles or roast meats while another side is left free for cookies or other desserts.

A double oven may not cost much more than buying two single ovens, but it will save on installation costs as well as give you more cooking flexibility without having to buy extra appliances. You'll also get the added benefit of being able to host parties without worrying about how you're going to make enough food for everyone.

Where do I find information about this kind of product?

There are many different sources for reviews and comparison guides about different types of ovens and ranges that can help you make an informed decision. For example, Consumer Reports are a very reliable source for information on new appliances as well as expert recommendations on which ones are best to buy.

You can also find customer reviews on sites like Amazon or other major appliance retailers to see what people who have already purchased the product think about their experience with it.

Also, take into consideration where this model will be installed so that you know how much weight it needs to support (especially if it's a double oven range) and whether your kitchen has enough space. It's also good to get advice from someone who knows a lot about the installation process if you're not sure about something.

The Double Oven Range - Features & Product Reviews
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What are some common complaints about double oven ranges?

There are many different complaints about double oven ranges. One of the most common is that they take up more space and may not fit where you want them to go. You should also keep in mind that if one side breaks, then you'll only have half the capacity for cooking until it's fixed instead of having two functional sides like a regular range.

One issue with having extra electric elements is that they're often built to produce a lower wattage than normal so food cooks slower and there may be hot spots or dry areas in certain pans. Some reviewers also complain about flimsy racks which can break easily, but fortunately, most brands do offer replacements if needed.

Final thoughts on a double-oven range

In conclusion, a double oven range can give you more cooking flexibility, but it's important to consider the pros and cons before making a purchase.

If you want something with additional features like a warming drawer or baking/warming compartment then getting a double-oven range may be an ideal solution for your cooking needs.

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