Why Is The Toilet Not Flushing Completely

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When your toilet is not flushing completely, it can be frustrating. But before calling a plumber, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. A toilet that won't completely flush is a common issue that's easy to repair.

This article explains some of the main reasons why your toilet won't flush properly, so you can fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, it's best to leave it to a professional plumber.

Your Toilet Won't Flush Due to a Problem With Your Toilet Handle

When you flush the toilet, and the handle goes down, but nothing happens, it's likely that there's something wrong with the handle itself. The first thing you should do is check to see if the toilet handle is loose. If it is, tighten it until it's snug.

Your toilet Won't Flush Due to a Problem With Your Toilet Handle
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If the handle feels tight, but the toilet still won't flush, there may be something wrong with the inside of the handle. If you don't see or hear any water move when you press the handle, it means that your toilet handle is disconnected. Inside the toilet tank, the flushing handle is connected to a little arm and chain that lift the flapper.

The toilet flapper raises when you press the handle, and water is pumped into the bowl. Things like a broken link in a chain or a loose nut can disconnect the handle from the flapper. Fixing this is quite as basic as reconnecting a couple of basic parts. Also, you can avoid encountering such petty issues by ensuring you only buy the best flushing toilets with high-quality parts.

Your toilet Won't Flush Completely Because it's Clogged

Clogged toilet bowls are a pretty common issue. This is one of the most common reasons a toilet doesn't flush properly. You might need to flush the toilet several times to get everything down. This often occurs because of too much toilet paper in the toilet bowl.

Your toilet Won't Flush Completely Because it's Clogged
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If you have small children, you may experience a clog because of all the things they love to flush down the toilet. Small toys, pieces of paper, and other objects can quickly cause a clog. If your toilet is frequently clogged, it's good to invest in a toilet plunger or toilet auger. This will help you get rid of the clog without having to call a professional.

If you don't have a toilet plunger or toilet auger, try performing a manual flush with warm water. Pour the water into the toilet bowl and wait for about 10minutes. If there are no results, you could add a little dish detergent and wait for another 20 to 30 minutes. If you're experiencing frequent clogs, there could be another issue. Frequent clogs require professional plumbing assistance as the plumber may know some of the ways to unclog a toilet when nothing else works.

The Problem May Involve the Flapper Assembly

Check your toilet handle and flapper assembly if your toilet is not flushing properly. When you remove your toilet's tank lid, you'll see a chain attached to the flushing lever. The other end of the chain is attached to the piece of rubber, known as a flapper valve.

When you depress the lever, the chain lifts the toilet flapper, allowing the water in the tank to rush into the bowl. Sometimes, a flapper chain can flip from its hook, and the toilet won't flush if the chain is disconnected. You can easily repair this by hooking the chain back into position.

Make sure there's not too much slack in the lift chain. Flapper chains should have only about half an inch of slack. If they're too long, the flapper may close before enough water has left the tank to ensure a proper flush. Try to make adjustments to fix this.

Over time, the flapper can become warped or damaged, meaning it won't seal properly when it attempts to close. If this is the case, purchase a replacement at a local hardware store. A leaking flapper can also cause your fill valve to run. If you have a running toilet, check both your flapper and fill valve. This is because the fill valve may be at fault if your toilet flapper isn't to blame.

The Toilet Won't Flush Completely Due to The Tank's Water Level

Most toilets need to empty at least 80% of the tank's total capacity for a successful flush. If the tank is not filling sufficiently, a partial flush may occur. If the tank is empty, the toilet won't flush at all. When you face this, the first thing to do is to ensure the water valve behind the toilet is not turned off accidentally.

Another possible reason for your toilet, not flushing could be that the valve is on, but the water in the tank is not reaching the appropriate level. The water level should be within an inch on top of the overflow tube. Check the overflow tube to make sure it's not cracked.

If it's cracked, purchase a new one from your local hardware store and replace it yourself or call a professional plumber to help you. If the overflow tube is intact, make sure you know how to adjust the water level in the toilet bowl and tank. Monitor everything closely throughout the initial fill, then make two or three test flushes before deciding that the issue is resolved.

Build Up in the Inlet Holes

Sometimes objects or mineral deposits can become lodged in the small inlet holes on the bottom of the tank. A common cause of clogs is mineral build-up. The inlet holes allow water to enter the bowl from the tank after each flush.

If these holes become blocked, the bowl won't refill completely, and your toilet won't flush correctly. If you notice that the water flowing into your toilet is minimal or flowing straight down instead of in a diagonal direction, this can also indicate a clog.

Build Up in the Inlet Holes
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You can clean the inlet holes with a wire brush or a toothpick. Be very careful not to scratch the bowl while you're doing this. Once you've cleared the holes, flush the toilet a few times to ensure that water is flowing through them correctly. You can also inspect the inlet holes by holding a small mirror under the bowl's rim.

If the holes are clogged, pour white vinegar into the overflow tube. Let the solution sit overnight before flushing the toilet again. You can also clean the holes with a toilet cleaner designed to remove mineral deposits.

FAQs on Why the toilet isn't flushing Completely

How to fix toilet not flushing all the way?

To fix a toilet that is not flushing, try to find the root cause of the problem. It could be a clogged toilet, a faulty flushing mechanism, or a blockage in the pipes. Once you find the cause, you can take appropriate measures to fix the issue. If you try everything and still not working look for the best flushing toilet and call a professional plumber to install it for you.

Why is my toilet barely flushing?

There could be several reasons why your toilet is barely flushing. It could be due to a clog in the toilet, a faulty flushing mechanism, a blockage in the vent pipe, and even mineral buildup.

Why is my toilet not flushing good?

There could be several reasons why your toilet is not flushing well. It could be due to a clog in the toilet, a problem with your toilet handle, insufficient water, and a flapper or fill valve problem.

Final Thought on Why Toilet Isn't Flushing Completely

Unfortunately, there are several reasons for a toilet that won't flush completely. However, some of these problems are easy and quick to fix, while others will require help from a licensed plumber. If you have a problem with your toilet, check all of these potential issues before calling a plumber. Help protect yourself from the hassle and costs associated with plumbing by having a plan to fix the problem before it becomes bigger.


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