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You've just been gifted a bottle of red wine, or maybe you picked one up on your last trip to the store, but you're not sure what to do with it now.  Most people don't know that wine needs to be stored in a specific way in order to maintain its flavor and integrity. Improper storage can ruin a good bottle of wine.

If you're looking for the perfect temperature to store your red wine, then look no further than a Whynter wine cooler. Whynter wine coolers are designed specifically for this purpose, and they can keep your wine at the perfect temperature without ruining its flavor. A Whynter wine cooler is a dual zone built in wine refrigerator that can hold up to 30 bottles of wine.

What is a Whynter Wine Cooler?

What is a Whynter Wine Cooler?
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Whynter wine coolers feature the highest quality cooling systems that are durable and efficient. These wine fridges can be equipped with either compressor cooling technology or thermoelectric cooling technology. Compressor cooling systems are best suited for a larger wine fridge, while thermoelectric wine coolers are used for small wine coolers with limited storage capacity.

Whynter wine coolers also come with a built-in digital thermostat that allows you to set the perfect temperature for your red wine. These cooling systems don't make noises or produce vibrations that could disturb the sediments in the wine cellar. These wine coolers cool the wine and prevent it from going through oxidation or aging, which could cause wine quality problems.

The Whynter wine cooler can store 20 bottles in the left zone and 20 bottles in the right zone, while each is adjustable using touch and digital temperature control. Using premium materials and techniques to achieve a seamless door frame, this wine storage unit sets its appearance apart from any conventional product.

This wine refrigerator will complement any modern household with an all-black cabinet, seamless stainless steel frame, and sliding shelves. The seamless glass door and soft interior lighting turn your wine collection into a breathtaking display. With its front ventilation design, this wine cooler is intended for built-in installation or freestanding units. With all the qualities described, there's no doubt that Whynter makes some of the best wine coolers and fridges money can buy.

Features of Whynter Wine Coolers

Dimensions and Design

Dimensions and Design
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The Whynter wine coolers have a unique design available in various models to meet buyers' needs. They come in a variety of sizes and storage capacities. This wine cooler is an attractive product that will appeal to the customer's mind. This wine cooler is available in many finishes, including metallic, glossy, matte, and black.

These wine coolers also come in various sizes, from a 6-bottle wine refrigerator to one that can store 160 standard wine bottles. They're compact and easy to use. It fits in 750ml Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes and can fit three standard bottles of bubbly on the bottom shelf.

It can hold the target temperature well without a lot of cycling in the wine cellar. This wine cooler's dual temperature digital control panel helps in easy setup and controlling the internal temperature inside the wine cellar. Soft interior lighting allows you to better illuminate your collection, while the airtight storage compartments help prevent cool air leakage.

The temperature ranges between 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which you can adjust low enough to preserve and chill white wine or high enough for long-term storage of red wine, depending on your collection. The unique front venting heat dispersion system allows each under-counter wine cooler to be built in with minimal clearance.

Different Storage Zones for Red and White Wine

The digital control panel with an LCD display allows you to create different temperature zones for storing both red and white wine. The two types of Whynter wine cooler include single zone wine fridge and dual zone wine fridge. They have different storage capacities and temperatures. This allows you to store more than one or more types of wine in your wine cellar, including red and white wine.

Dual zones allow you to store different types of wines at two different temperatures. The dual temperature control panel allows for the easy regulation of the temperature in both wine storage areas. Single zone wine coolers allow you to store different types of wine together.

Protects Your Wines

Whynter wine coolers are made of high-quality insulation to protect users from electricity-related hazards and electric shocks. This wine refrigerator also creates a perfect environment for wine storage and protects it from oxidation and aging.

You must also keep these wine coolers sealed to prevent cool air from escaping. The wine cooler has a protective double-paned glass door that protects wine from damage by UV rays. The Whynter wine coolers are the best for safe and secure storage.

Installation and Placement

Most of the Whynter wine coolers come with installation hardware and an instruction manual. These wine coolers can be placed in bars, kitchens and houses, halls, lounges, and other public spaces. They can also be stored according to their storage capacities. Whynter's compact wine coolers can be on the counter or under counter minibars, offices, and places, making them great under counter wine coolers.

Freestanding wine cooling devices are suitable for use in any room where temperature and humidity are controlled. Some of the Whynter wine coolers come with special features like a lock and key, carbon filter, touch control panel, digital temperature display, blue LED lighting, and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling. These wine coolers can be placed in any room, but they should be in a position where they will not be disturbed.

The vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system keeps the wine at a consistent temperature, and the blue LED lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in any room. The carbon filter removes impurities from the air, and the touch control panel makes it easy to set the temperature.


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You can use this countertop or freestanding wine cooler in a countertop or freestanding unit manner. It has a perfect temperature range of 46-65 degrees Fahrenheit. You can store larger bottles in the cooler's bottom and add bigger bottles to the wine cooler, making it a straightforward wine cooler.

The temperature range applies to all types of wines. You can store your wines at optimal temperature for decanting or set them to 56 degrees if you want to preserve your wine at a safe temperature. You can monitor and control temperature by using the digital display unit.

It has a switch that turns the light on and off, making it great for your wine collection. Your wine collection dictates the type of wine fridge you'll shop for, followed by space parameters and personal design preferences. This wine fridge is lightweight and uses thermoelectric cooling technology.

It's easily portable and takes about two hours for the temperature to reach its set point. The wine cooler also maintains your temperature well without any eyebrow raising fluctuations.

FAQs on Whynter Wine Cooler

What temperature should red wine be stored?

The optimal temperature for red wine storage is between 55-and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can store your red wine at a slightly higher temperature if you prefer. The important thing is to avoid drastic changes in temperature, which can damage the wine.

Whynter wine cooler single how to turn off?

To turn off your Whynter wine cooler, press the Power button on the control panel. The light will turn off, and the unit will enter standby mode. To completely shut off the unit, you will need to unplug it from the power outlet.

Where is the Whynter wine cooler corporate office?

Whynter's corporate office is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. You can contact customer service at 877-294-6966 or via email at [email protected].

Is it worth getting a wine fridge?

Why do you need a wine cooler anyway? The wine fridge has become a household appliance, just like the refrigerator. Many people believe that having a wine fridge is worth it because you can store your wine bottles in it and age them properly. Not to mention, a wine fridge can also help you keep your wines at the ideal storage temperature.

Final Thought on Whynter Wine Cooler

With all these features, the Whynter wine cooler is definitely a good investment for every wine enthusiast out there. Not only does it keep your wines at the ideal storage temperature, but it also has a lot of other features that can help you enjoy your wines more. If you are looking for a wine fridge that can do all these things, then the Whynter wine cooler is definitely the one for you.



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