Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen infinity backsplash
In previous eras, a kitchen backsplash was simply utilitarian. Its only purpose was to protect the walls from food spills and messes. But that was before the kitchen became the home's centerpiece. Now, a backsplash for kitchens can take center stage as a beautiful work of art. Be sure to also check out our article on the pros and cons of granite backsplash between 4-inch and full height and colored backsplash in kitchen.

Glass Tile kitchens backsplashes

Modern design allows homeowners significant creativity for their backsplash ideas. They can choose from:

And the option of mosaic design allows for a custom look in any backsplash for the kitchen. Some designers even use stainless steel or wood behind the range for a different look and style.

At Kitchen Infinity, our team is here to help you choose just the right look for your beautiful home. You will end up with a kitchen that is lovely, functional, and comfortable.

Backsplash Tile Reigns Supreme

With all the different choices on the market, a tile backsplash is still the preferred choice for homeowners and designers. The classic look of white subway tiles remains immensely popular. However, natural stone is gaining acceptance for kitchen decor.

Backsplash tiles can come in many materials and colors. The most common are glass, ceramic, and marble. Although tiles come in just about any color, white tile options continue to show up in almost any decor.

Mosaic tiles make a stunning display in your kitchen, as well. They add depth and visual interest and look particularly impressive when combined with white cabinets.

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