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The BEST Portable Bathtub for Adults in 2021

Wey & Fly
G-Ganen Happy Life

Soaking in your bathtub is naturally a healthy way of unwinding, relieving the day’s stress and pain. Unfortunately, not every homeowner has enough space and the budget for installing a bathtub in the restroom. However, this shouldn’t cut short their dreams of relaxing in a bathtub, especially with the inception of portable tubs on the market.

The best portable bathtub should hold enough water and feature an inflation and deflation pump. It should also be set up anywhere, giving you the flexibility of enjoying a bath at your convenience. That said, below are some of the best portable bathtubs for adults on the market.

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7 Best Portable Bathtubs

1. WEY & FLY Store Portable Round Bathtub

The WEY & FLY Store Plastic Portable Round Bathtub is another excellent foldable unit that can make a perfect deep RV bathtub. Its design makes it a good choice for the smallest spaces. While it requires inflation, it has a worry-free assembly and disassembly.

This practical portable bathtub not only saves space but also saves water. It is a freestanding design that measures 30*30*26 inches, providing enough space for sitting or stretching with legs. It is also foldable to reduce its size for convenient storage.

Like other portable tubs, you don’t have to worry about its design. Drain holes are also ergonomically placed, which makes it easy to drain.


2. CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bathtub

Enjoy maximum relaxation, rejuvenation, and the comfortable bathing and spa experience of the CO-Z Plastic Adult Portable Bathtub at home before bed. It is an environmental-friendly and durable bath, thanks to its high-density PVC material construction. In addition, the unit has a unique zipper closing that maintains the water temperatures while making it a perfect portable Jacuzzi.

The bathtub’s ergonomic, non-slip, and foldable design justifies its comfortable nature, allowing users to relax fully while taking a bath. It’s also equipped with a backrest, pillow, and dual armrest for additional comfort. If you prefer seeping some drinks while taking a bath, the included cup holder can keep your drink close. You can also use the cup holder to store your phone and other items.

The CO-Z Plastic Adult Portable Bathtub has three tiers with varying thicknesses and different blowholes. This makes it easy to inflate and deflate the Portable bath with the included electric pump. The tab also comes with two drain pipes, eliminating the worry of water removal.


3. G-Ganen Happy Life Portable Bathtub

The G-Ganen Plastic Happy Life Portable Bathtub joins the list of incredible bathtubs with generous sizes. The unit measures 29.5 inches wide and some additional inches on its rim, and 29.5 inches tall. While these measurements can accommodate two people, they will have to be small to fit in.

However, it is big enough and roomy to soak one person comfortably. With its height, you should be flexible to get out after the bath. This becomes much easier if there are rails on the shower stall. The unit features a utilitarian design. As such, setting it up is worry-free, especially with the provided descriptive assembly directions with pictures.

Like most portable options, you should inflate the G-Ganen Plastic Happy Life Portable Bathtub before use. However, this shouldn’t be an issue, as it comes with a brilliantly working air pump. In addition, it has excellent water insulation properties, and your soaking water will remain warm for more than one hour.


4. Coleman Saluspa Plastic 71x26 Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub

The Coleman Saluspa Plastic 71×26 Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub is another practical option if you want to enjoy the luxury of a bubbling spa in your home. What stands out from this spa is its remote-controlled feature and other advanced inclusions that make it a premier choice for those looking for a portable whirlpool tub.

You can switch on the pump, adjust water temperatures, control its massage system and other components by pressing a button. The bath creates a warm, bubbling environment as it releases air jet bubbles from the bottom. Its inflatable walls are made from puncture-resistant and durable TriTech material, which helps prevent damage and retain its shape regardless of its use.

TriTech plastic material is not only puncture-resistant but also UV-resistant and aesthetically pleasing print patterns. Like other high-end bathtubs, the Coleman Saluspa plastic 71×26 Tahiti Airjet Hot Tub has an included electric pump and a ChemConnect chemical dispenser.

The inclusion of the dispenser helps in keeping water clean and healthy by releasing chemicals that stabilize chlorine levels in the water. The bath also has metal reinforcement safety clips that provide additional insulation.


5. XL Plastic Blue Color Inflatable Bathtub

A compact soaking bath generally refers to portable tubs that can be used by one person. However, if you are looking for a portable bathtub large enough to accommodate two people, the XL Blue Color Portable Bathtub should be your choice. This extra-large bath measures 160 by 120cm, providing enough soaking space for two people.

Most people start thinking of the downsides of such a large size, especially the assembly and water removal processes. However, you shouldn’t worry, as the bath comes with a bottom plug and water drain course that eases water drainage. It also has an electric air pump, which reduces the hassle of buying a separate air pump. With this, it takes a few minutes to inflate the item fully.

The XL Blue Color Portable Bathtub is also made from durable plastic, which, when combined with air, keeps water temperature for a long period. That aside, the feature highlight of this blue tub is the inflatable pillow rest included on every side. You will also like the included cup holders for two.


6. HIWENA Inflatable Portable Plastic Bathtub

HIWENA Portable Plastic Bathtub is another excellent tub to soak in with great user reviews. The tub is made from non-toxic and high-density PVC material, enabling you to safely prepare for a relaxing spa experience right from your home. Its high-quality, ergonomic design and aesthetic appearance are what most users like about it.

The simple design of this tub doesn’t compromise its durability. It can perfectly be used by grownups and children in the bathroom, even when fully inflated. Folding and storing it is also simple when deflated. The tub is also 30% thicker compared to other bathtubs, reducing its chances of puncturing.


7. InflatFun Portable Foldable Bathtub